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5 Instagram Profiles to Follow for Packaging Inspiration

Are you using Instagram to find inspiration for your current packaging design yet? You should be! For some years now, Instagram has emerged not just as a place for your swoon-worthy vacation shots and the sweetheart of makeup gurus and influencers, but also as a hotspot of inspiration for creators and entrepreneurs. From poetry to restoring furniture to, yes, cool packaging, Instagram’s photo-focused nature offers an extremely diverse and unparalleled collection of inspirational photos. Here are our five favorite Instagram accounts that are worth checking out before your next meeting or email with your graphic designer!

At a hefty 115,000 followers, The Dieline’s Instagram is an extension of their claim to fame; claims to be the world’s most-visited packaging design website. Featuring the very best in stunning and innovative packaging, you can find everything from rice boxes bearing designs inspired by Milanese cathedrals to good old holographic gift bags. No matter what style you’d like to bring to your packaging, there’s a simply fantastic collection of diverse art to be found @thedieline.

Soopak is located in Ontario and specializes in packaging for small businesses. They have some great designs under their belt and we love how they include occasional inspirational posts—running a business is difficult, after all!—and their semi-pastel, semi-bold colored backgrounds.

Fantastapack is a great company that focuses on gorgeous cardboard boxes that often feature double-sided printing. If you’re building a company that offers monthly subscription boxes, you will find Fantastapack’s Instagram feed especially helpful. Not doing subscription boxes? Never fear—there’s also plenty of regular packaging inspiration here, too.
Although not strictly a packaging company, this company’s Instagram, which revolves around art prints and cards, has curated a wonderful collection of more feminine-leaning designs if that’s the target market you’re going for. If you’re looking for inspiration that might center around calligraphy, big and beautiful serif fonts, or a cute chibi-style look for your next product, you’re sure to find it here!

This profile posts refreshing takes on packaging design ranging from minimalistic to over-the-top. There are some great color schemes featured in their feed and we especially like how they’ve recently been posting designs in batches of three separate posts at a time, which takes advantage of Instagram’s grid format to aesthetically display photos from multiple angles.

Did you know we’re on Instagram also? We like to think we also have a healthy dose of inspirational photos on our feed and would love it if you checked us out! You can find us using the name @businessimageprinting—see you there!

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