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3 Branding Ideas for your Cannabis/E-Liquid Company That Might Just Pay Off

With such rapid growth in the cannabis and e-liquid industry, shelf appeal is more crucial than ever. In a world of novelty and striking new products, vapers and cannabis consumers have a lot of loyalty to give, but only to the brands that appeal to them most. Here are three ways you can boost your brand visibility and help consumers remember you:

Use unusual materials
Some months ago, we created vape cartridge packaging for a new client. Although the final result was small, it stood out in a big way. Why? This client decided to use brown kraft chipboard, which nobody else was doing. As a result, the earthy brown color and rugged texture stands out wonderfully in our showroom, despite the fact that it’s one of the smallest boxes we’ve made in a while.

Go Niche—Gear Your Audience to a Distinctive Demographic
One of our clients is a much-beloved brand with almost 150,000 followers on Instagram. Their focus? Veterans, Mixed Martial Arts, and UFC fighters. Given their devoted following along with their feed, which often features MMA athletes and reposts featuring their drink mix packets, they’re definitely doing something right!

Invest in Unusual Shapes
In our opinion, unusually-shaped packaging is one of the best things you can do for your brand if your budget allows for it. It’s not just a marketing gimmick—when done right it helps tie a design together and effectively communicates a sense of taste, elegance, and artistry that seriously impresses shoppers. While it’s nice to have customers who keep buying your product because it works, it’s even better and more lucrative to have customers who stick around because your product works AND because they love the passion and artistry for what you do, which packaging can help communicate.

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