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Which Box Type is Best for Your Vape Pens and Cartridges

Here at Business Image Printing, we’re all about making packaging easy for you. We’ve been working with vape clients long enough that we’ve got things down to a science, so if you’re looking for packaging for your cartridges or pens, here are our two most common box styles for people like you:

Straight Tuck End (STE) Box with Cut-Out Window
These are simple boxes with strategic cuts around the corners that push inward to hold your vape product. This type of box assembles in seconds and is a big win due to the angles and minimalist design that give it a contemporary look. Because the labor and assembly costs are minimal, this is the most cost-effective solution for clients looking to place orders of a few thousand pieces or more. Although our photo shows how this style might accommodate a vape cartridge, we’re able to create a taller version for vape pens as well.

Window Tuck Box with Inner Tray Holder
If you’re looking to order only 500-2,000 boxes, this type of box offers a premium presentation that offers a more in-depth unboxing experience. Boxes like these offer a Mylar (plastic-covered) window to show consumers your product, along with a cardboard insert that securely holds your vape pen or cartridge. Because there are more parts involved in producing this kind of box, the unit price for this style is higher than that of the previous one.

Do you have your own packaging idea for your vape pens and cartridges? We’d love to hear it! Simply email us your questions, reference photos, and comments at

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