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Infused Chocolate Pulls in New Customers. Here’s How to Leverage That

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is a compound found in cannabis that delivers effective relief for pain, anxiety, and cardiovascular health without the intoxicating effects from tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC), which come with smoking cannabis as-is. Those who try CBD in its pure form often describe it as tasting grassy. Since the flavor isn’t one that appeals to everybody, many companies and retailers have added chocolate to make it more appealing—and as a result, infused chocolate draws strong interest from both CBD users and newcomers.

Blending CBD with cocoa doesn’t just make it more enjoyable to eat, it actually increases CBD’s medicinal benefits. While CBD helps promote a healthy heart, cocoa and chocolate also contribute by preventing clotting, which improves blood flow. Call it killing two birds with one stone, a nice one-two punch, or getting more bang for your buck—infused chocolate isn’t just tasty, it also possesses significant health benefits. This fact alone will bring in many new customers, but why not give your sales some help with customized packaging that shines?

Packaging That Works as Hard as Your Infused Chocolate

It’s only reasonable that infused chocolate, as a revolutionary product in itself, be sold in packaging as innovative as the minds behind it. Even if you’ve created a truly incredible infused chocolate that your testers love to death, prospective customers won’t bite unless it’s wrapped in eye-catching packaging. This basic marketing principle is especially important for the food and candy industry, where visuals are particularly important. Don’t cheat yourself out of fantastic packaging—arguably the #1 driver of sales! If you want big profits—and of course you do!—one of the surest ways to do it is with customized packaging.

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