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4 Seconds and Your Cannabis Tinctures: How they’re Related and Why it’s So Important for Your Business

Cannabis tinctures are in many ways the unsung hero of the industry. With their origins reaching far back into American history as a useful medicine, tinctures, also known as green dragon or golden dragon, had always been the humble cure-all remedy stashed in many homes over the decades prior to their prohibition. With more widespread legalization, companies are now releasing a vast variety of tinctures to meet consumer demands. The industry is still relatively young, and as you’ve probably guessed, hugely profitable, but it’s important to invest more in custom packaging down the line if you hope to meet or exceed your business goals.

Why Four Seconds Can Make or Break Your Business

That’s the maximum time the average customer spends looking at any one particular product on a shelf. That’s short. The fact is, customers are generally in a hurry or partially tuned out when shopping. If your packaging doesn’t immediately appeal to them, they’ll move on, so it pays—literally—to invest a little more in custom packaging that stands out strongly and looks professional.

But Why Does It Have to Be Custom Packaging?  

Simply put, custom packaging allows for full personalization and its many benefits, all of them important to your business and reputation as a seller. Here’s what you get with custom packaging for cannabis tinctures:

  • Professional-grade packagingCustomized boxes are higher-quality and more durable than their non-custom counterparts. In addition, it’s easier to add the special touches that give your product a more high-class look.
  • Proper sizing and cushioning: This is extremely important if you sell your tinctures in glass bottles. If the box is too big or too small, your tinctures will get damaged, either in transit or by distracted customers.
  • Full freedom in design: Custom packaging allows you complete and utter freedom to bring your dream packaging ideas to full fruition without needing to compromise on color, surface finishes, and shapes. In addition, it’s easy to fully explain all the benefits of your tincture, which boosts your credibility
  • Warning labels and childproofing: With custom packaging, including full drug information is a breeze, and so is accommodating the need for childproof packaging as required in the cannabis industry.

Investing some money in good packaging is not an upgrade, it’s a necessity. Many experts strongly recommend investing in custom-sized boxes as it can actually save you money and your reputation in the long run. You only have four seconds, so take full advantage of them with customized boxes for your cannabis tinctures! We at Business Image Printing are committed to helping you exceed your business goals in this young and profitable industry with irresistible packaging, so customize your tincture packaging to no end—rest assured you’ll be very satisfied with the final result! Contact us today at!

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