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Selling Cannabis Infused Tinctures? Here’s How To Make Your Packaging Shine

With more widespread legalization of cannabis, more consumers than ever are interested in what cannabis, CBD, and medical marijuana products can do for them. Many companies have responded by rolling out their own lines of cannabis tinctures, an contemporary version of the dependable cannabis product that was a mainstay in many American homes prior to its being banned some decades ago. Just like in any other industry, you’re up against some stiff competition, and it’s necessary to harness all your resources to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Of course you’ve understandably put dozens or even hundreds of hours into creating a fantastic infused tincture, but how much thought have you put into the packaging? The problem is, if you sell tinctures, a simple dime-a-dozen box won’t cut it. Not only will you have to struggle with a limited size range, the given sizes themselves will not adequately protect your green dragon against damage—particularly if you sell them in glass bottles. Not to mention, the material is nearly always guaranteed to be lower-quality than customized boxes.

Customized boxes for your tinctures are fully optimized for your product on a visual, practical, and even legal level. Not only can you get boxes made to your exact product dimensions, custom boxes will properly cushion your tincture from damage during shipment and handling. In addition, you have complete freedom to perfectly insert and arrange your graphics, logos, and product overlays as you wish in addition to required warning labels, with easy accommodation for childproofing features as needed.

When you choose custom packaging, you choose full artistic freedom. You choose physical and legal protection. And when you choose us, you choose quick turnaround, unbeatable prices for professional-grade packaging, a complimentary mockup sample and design services, and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau! Let’s work together to create great packaging—just contact us on!

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