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Dear E-Liquid Sellers: This is Why Custom Packaging is a Necessity

E-liquids sales have surged in recent sales due to their many benefits over regular cigarettes, and the market boasts 466 brands and more than 7,700 flavors as of 2014. Talk about head-spinning! Customers are picky people, and it helps your business to not just deliver top-quality e-liquid products, but to make sure your packaging does as fantastic a job marketing the product as you do.

Taking the time to design attractive, distinctive packaging is one of the best investments for yourself and your company, but the advantages range beyond just having a nice-looking box. Custom e-liquid boxes increases visual branding and brand recognition, credibility, and allows for better product protection. Not to mention that it’s easy to add irresistible touches from velvety finishes to embossing and metallic foiling! You want gorgeous, durable packaging with amazing quality and visuals that protects your e-liquids and grabs your customers’ attention? This is only guaranteed with custom packaging!
But custom packaging is really expensive, you say! Truth is, it doesn’t have to be! Believe it or not, when you choose Business Image Printing, you get great value for stunning packaging custom-made to your exact product dimensions—and with our free design consultation services and fast production time, they’ll be sitting on your doorstep before you know it! Simply contact us today to get started—our professionals are ready to help you boost your sales!

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