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Your Extracted Cannabis Tinctures Need Something Generic Packaging Doesn’t Offer

Cannabis was historically consumed in the form of a tincture, the term for infusing medicinal herbs in alcohol. As a result of more widespread legalization, the cannabis market has undergone an explosion in popularity partially due to cannabis’ ability to deliver effective relief for chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, and a myriad of other conditions. As with any other burgeoning industry, it’s important to use all the resources at your disposal to make your tinctures stand out.

In business as well as everyday life, it’s so easy to go for what is cheaper and more available. Doing so isn’t a bad idea, but product packaging is one investment where it pays to go the custom route. Generic packaging undeniably carries a lower price tag, but comes with disadvantages that can dramatically lower your sales—limited design options and text placement for required warnings, less sizing options, decreased protection from damage, and limited accommodation for child-resistance. On an everyday level, using generic packaging delivers results that are inferior on a visual and tactile level—on a broader scale, they can reduce your market exposure and even land you in legal trouble.

Avoid impending legal and financial headaches with customized boxes! Investing in custom packaging for extracted cannabis tinctures offers superior quality, finishes, and protection for your tincture during shipment and handling, not to mention it can be easily configured for child-resistance as required in the cannabis industry. In addition, you get limitless options in graphic design and text placement to create simply stunning packaging that’ll attract customers every time!

The very best part—the price tag for custom cannabis tincture packaging doesn’t have to be as high as you expect. Choose from our wide range of templates and even receive complimentary design services to perfect your design. Select your preferred finish, even add special features like die-cutting, metallic lettering, and embossing—all at a price you and your budget will love! Then sit back and relax—but not for long, because with our speedy turnaround, you’ll be selling sooner than you think! Place your order with Business Image Printing today!

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