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Selling Cannabis? Here’s What We Can Offer You

It’s no secret that cannabis entrepreneurs are subject to stringent legal measures that affect all aspects of their business, with product packaging being one of the most heavily impacted. When you run a cannabis business, it’s especially important to choose highly knowledgeable suppliers that are dedicated to their craft and have business owners’ best interests at heart. No matter what form of cannabis you sell, this is what you can expect from us:

Many years of experience
Every packaging run we do draws from 26 years of printing experience under our parent company. Since we started producing cannabis packaging some years ago, we’ve been enjoying consistent business and are constantly forging new relationships with walk-in clients and ones who found us through word of mouth. Our focus on offering a simple, efficient customer experience along with our knowledge of current packaging regulations (and our free templates reflecting that)* result in big wins for you—compliant, gorgeous and well-made packaging that’ll be ready before you know it.

Located in Southern California
We’re located in Santa Ana, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Compared to packaging suppliers in China or other countries, our convenient location in the heart of Southern California cuts down on shipping times significantly. In addition, we also have a showroom that you’re always welcome to visit Mondays-Fridays from 8:30- 4:30 pm!

A wide variety of box styles for your cannabis packaging needs
Are you looking for a no-frills box or a downright showstopper? We have multiple options for both, and everything in between! From basic options to unusual shapes, eye-catching finishing touches, and seductive textures, we have a wide range of options for you to pick from to fulfill your artistic vision. Got your own awesome box design? Show us—we love a challenge!

Free consultations, free mockups, quick turnaround…
In addition to all of these advantages for cannabis business owners, we’re proud to offer many of the same services and advantages that a general packaging company does. We’re always happy to answer questions and offer advice in person at our Santa Ana location or by phone or email, and we offer free mockups and templates so you can make design decisions with ease. In addition, our turnaround ranges from 10-15 business days, but can be as short as seven days.

What are you looking for in a cannabis packaging supplier? Just ask—we’d love to work with you! Email us anytime at

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