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What are Foils and How Can They Help Your Packaging

Although it’s considered unfair to compare appearances, that rule doesn’t quite apply when selling and buying products. Although they may come across as empty marketing gimmicks to some people, doing whatever you can to make your packaging stand out is always a good idea. This is where foils can help!

What are foils, exactly? We’re not referring to the aluminum foil you use in the kitchen, nor the fencing weapon nor, for the more literary types, fictional characters that act as a contrast to the protagonist. A foil is a colored metallic coating on a printed surface that’s typically applied as a decorative accent on product names, logos, or various design elements. They’re great at really catching the light, creating a mirrorlike reflection—and giving consumers a great impression about your product. But what are their benefits, exactly?

They exude elegance
Typically, anything imitating metal tends to look more expensive and higher-quality than those that don’t.  Foils draw universally impressed reactions due to the connection people make with gold or silver items—and therefore luxury and high quality—and that is something you can use to your advantage.

They come in a variety of colors
Silver and gold are the most common choices, but we’re able to do most popular colors. We also offer holographic foils, similar to many kids’ stickers, for a really impressive look!

They’re highly versatile
Foils can be fashioned into almost any shape and used in many ways, from large solid areas to delicate details such as calligraphic fonts, intricate curlicue accents, or dotted lines less than a millimeter wide. Whatever you’re packaging, there’s a strong chance you can successfully add a foil (or two, or three) to your design if you choose!

They create many possibilities to upgrade your design and product
Foils are a fantastic way to create the look of inlaid gold or silver, which can successfully help sell a wide range of products. In addition, they can also be used as negative space on logos and also on front or side panels to create a banner effect to advertise product features and accolades.

Foils are a very exciting element in the world of printing that add an instant, unmistakable upgrade to your packaging look. Are you interested in trying it out for your next project? Let us know and we’ll get you started with a free quote!

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