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Spotlight: Spot UVs and Why They Could Take Your Sales to the Next Level

This month we’re putting the spotlight—somewhat literally—on Spot-Gloss UVs, also known as Spot UVs. This is one of the most beautiful trends in packaging today, perhaps rivaled only by the velvety finishes common in the beauty industry. But what are Spot UVs exactly?

Spot UVs are essentially a smaller version of high-gloss UV coatings, which give product packaging a glossy effect almost as if the cardstock was coated with plastic. Although “UV” usually brings to mind things like sunscreen and skin cancer warnings, it’s a reference to the ultraviolet light used to cure the coating.

Spot UVs cover just a “spot”—a small part of the packaging design rather than the entire surface. The rest of the package is typically given a matte finish, which offers a nice contrast to the pristine glossiness and allows it to stand out.

So how can you use Spot UVs on your packaging? Due to their eye-catching nature, Spot UVs work great as an overlay over existing elements you want to emphasize, such as your logo. They also give your product an especially memorable look when fashioned into your tagline or a repeated pattern without any corresponding ink underneath. Because Spot UVs are transparent, the pattern, logo, or tagline doesn’t reveal itself unless the consumer holds it at just the right light. It’s a truly clever packaging move that acts almost like a metaphorical wink from your company to the consumer for being clever enough to find it. Customers love the intrigue of hidden messages in packaging, and Spot UVs offer a great opportunity to further brand your product for customers.

From intricate designs to emphasizing a list of suggested uses or a repeated logo, spot UVs offer an extremely special touch to your packaging that with some creativity, can become a big asset in your marketing efforts.

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