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Why You Should Consider an Auto-Lock Box for Your Products

Think of “design” and your mind conjures up gorgeous logos, innovative products, and lush interiors. But like any other kind of design, packaging should ultimately aspire to being more than just a visual treat. Design in the truest sense of the word has always placed emphasis on function as well as visual appeal, and the most beautiful packaging in the world cannot be said to have great design if it’s difficult to open or use.

With that said, convenience should be a significant part of the conversation between you and your designer when designing packaging, and for convenience, you can’t get much better than auto-lock bottoms. Auto-lock bottoms are distinguishable by the X-like pattern they create on the bottom of your packaging and saves your company and customers a lot of time. Learn more about how they can help your business below:

Auto-lock bottoms are so convenient that there are few styles that even come close. The assembly time is easily cut in half compared with other types because rather than fiddling with small flaps, all one has to do is push the two ends of the flattened box together until the bottom locks closed.

This also saves customers a lot of trouble if they decide to flatten your box for recycling. While traditional boxes can be difficult to open from the bottom and can carry a higher risk of cardboard cuts, auto-lock bottoms easily collapse flat with little trouble.

Adds strength for heavier items and glass bottles
If you sell anything heavy or in a glass bottle (think vitamins, supplements, etc.), auto-lock bottom boxes are an option you’d be hard-pressed to refuse. Auto-lock bottoms have almost double the durability and thickness of a standard box because of how the bottom box flaps are glued in an overlapping fashion. And while it’s possible for the traditional three-flap box to occasionally fail under the weight of a glass bottle, this situation is almost impossible for an auto-lock bottom box because of how it’s designed to collapse inward (toward the product) rather than outward. As a result, this option is usually both stronger and safer for somewhat weightier products.

Auto-lock bottoms can be configured to a wide range of box sizes with bottoms ranging from 1.38” x 1.38” to large display boxes boxes and rectangular shapes for retail stores. As a result, a large majority of businesses and products can benefit enormously from this highly adaptable feature.

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