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Three Reasons Why Custom Packaging is Absolutely Essential for Beauty Products

Compared to brick-and-mortar stores which usually carry just several competing companies, sites like Amazon and eBay have hundreds if not thousands of competing beauty companies vying for customers’ attention. If you’re in the beauty industry, and particularly selling online, it’s especially important to put forth a distinct brand image to make a stronger impression among your numerous competitors. Customizing your packaging is a great way to do this and carries three significant advantages over generic packaging.

Full Personalization

On an idealist level, non-custom packaging is especially antithetical to something as vibrant, varied, and individualistic as the beauty industry. True, generic packaging is easy to come by, but it’s really not an optimal choice. Why? The limited personalization is guaranteed to hurt your sales! Not only would it be difficult to thoroughly explain the many features of your product, professional quality and stunning graphics aren’t guaranteed. Customizing your packaging, on the other hand, allows you to impart the high-end feel so many customers crave in their beauty products.

Branding and Brand Recognition

In addition, because generic packaging comes with limited personalization, it also leaves very little room for true product branding. The result? Your products leave a weaker impression on prospective customers and your brand is eventually forgotten entirely or passed over for a competitor’s due to your lack of distinctive packaging. Ouch. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of hours perfecting a product and have it sell poorly due to underwhelming packaging! Just like Tiffany’s blue boxes or Urban Decay’s pairing of purple with gothic lettering, your packaging should be iconic, making customers draw strong connections between the packaging and your brand at a glance. When customers immediately recognize your brand, they’ll experience a feeling of connection, familiarity, and anticipation—creating the coveted emotional bonds needed for any successful business.

Helps Attract New Customers

It’s no secret that packaging is key to attracting new customers, and this is especially crucial in the beauty industry. For all the emphasis on how genuine beauty has little to do with looks, appearances do matter when selling in the industry, and it’s in your best interests to make sure your packaging is bold, unique, and different from your competitors. Non-custom packaging simply does not allow for the full range of creative design needed to stand out in the beauty industry today, and the final results often look weak and cheap in comparison to other brands. With us, you can choose from an astounding range of box options and surface finishes to achieve that luxurious, unforgettable style you’re after!

So don’t be afraid to dream big in your packaging, especially in the beauty industry! We at Business Image Printing are committed to helping you boost your sales with swoon-worthy custom beauty product packaging you and your customers will adore! For more information about our custom printed boxes and packaging, contact our professionals, who will be happy to assist you!

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