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Why Point of Purchase Display Boxes Could Be a Game Changer for You

Customers are pretty discriminating in that they’re on a schedule and prioritize getting only what they need versus wandering through every single aisle in a store. No matter how amazing your new item is, many customers will often skip entire sections in a store and never even lay eyes on your product.

However, regardless of what they’re buying, everybody has to check out sometime, and probably wait in line, letting their eyes wander…right? We’ve all done it before! Chances are, they’ll be looking at Point of Purchase (POP) displays near the cashier. If you haven’t already guessed, POP displays hold a big advantage over other packaging options because their physical location alone exponentially expands customer reach. It doesn’t matter if customers are buying car parts, floor cleaner, jeans, or ice cream bars, they will all pass by your product if you invest in a POP display!

Another big advantage of using POP displays is that packaging for individual products is minimal and there are more of them out in the open for customers to choose freely from. This different visual approach encourages customers to approach the display and pick out their favorite one, without layers of packaging in the way.

But hold on—it’s not so simple as just grabbing any plain display box. Taking the time to customize a POP display box to your own logo and visual style goes a very long way in creating visual continuity and creating a stronger impression on customers. In addition, it helps induce feelings of increased familiarity with your brand, which helps customers feel better about a last-minute addition and follow through with the purchase. Not to mention that customized POP display boxes allow for more artistic freedom, and the resultant color and personalized design looks fantastic on or near a checkout counter! Compared to non-custom boxes, customized Point of Purchase display boxes drive product sales and encourages customers to remember your company and come back for more.

Interested in making the jump into POP display boxes? Our team at Business Image Printing will set you up with budget-friendly, professional-grade custom display boxes that’ll show off your products beautifully. Your POP display boxes will be made to your exact dimensions and comes with a wide range of options including embossing, metallic lettering, and many others! If you’re ready to reach thousands of new customers, place your order today!

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