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Welcome to Farmer ERP

& Eco Farming

Real-time monitoring of farm productivity combined with periodic satellite- and weather-based updates enable decision-makers to derive actionable insights on standing crops.

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Welcome to Farmer ERP

& Eco Farming

Digital technology has been applied in different agricultural processes including farm machinery, livestock handing facilities, agronomy, communication others.

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Manages the Sales, Expenses, Schedules, Tasks, Fields, Legal Entities, Fuel


Organizes the platform and forms a smooth channel between the farmer and retailers and consumers


Manages Union, Create and Edit Profile controls a group of farmers in the same platform

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ERP Platform

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Welcome to FARMERERP

Changing the Face
of Agriculture Digitally

Technology and new digital tools are helping farmers use more precise amounts of water, fertilizers and keep a better control of their operations. This is where our Software Management comes into play

Why FarmerERP

Forecast Profits

Manage Risk Portfolios

Track Worker's progress

Crop Plan Management

Labor Management

Livestock Management

Inventory Management

Measure Field Activities


Agriculture With A New Skill

A Smart Farm Management Platform for farmers


FPOs/ Cooperatives

Crop Management Software is designed to help improve productivity and operational efficiency thereby optimizing the supply chain

Plantation and Farm

It helps the team to generate sales and keep expenditures at reasonable levels so the net result is a profit.


Helps to make better decisions quickly and easily build plans how to increase yield and profitsfor their customers


Farm management software allows farmers to create crop plans quickly and efficiently. Helps in implementing crop rotation logistically optimized

Field Mapping

Field Maps provide an easy way to manage the logistics of farming, These include crop locations, GPS collected features

Soil Samplers

Accurate soil data can help growers maximize yields or lower operating costs by optimizing nutrient inputs.

Contract Farming

It minimally demands a crop agreement made in advance, and shares the decision making power with the farmer


It helps agronomist to analyze more accurate and help them make farming activities more accurate and technology driven

Research and Development

A valuable tool for growing and improving your agri business. R&D involves researching your market and your customer needs

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Welcome to FarmerERP

What We’re Offering

Farm Marketplace & Monitoring

FarmerERP software to plan your daily workflows, for documentation or to calculate your fertilizer requirements?

Needs Based Fertilization and Surveying

FarmerERP Management allows you to have a complete survey analysis of the farms into an integrated system

Smart Machine Management

We help use intelligent and highly mechanized machines allowing a smart farm management solution to all the farming needs

Successful Business administration

An evolving Management System which allows maximum connectivity and compatibility ensuring maximum efficiency

Real Time Insights

Supply Chain

Farm Analytics

Field Operations

Weather Tracking

Smart Pest Alarms

Data Over Maps

Mobility Solutions


Farmer ERP

Daily Farming Operations

Helps monitor daily farming operations and and conducting quality inspections

Soil Sampling

Helps to monitor soil fertility evaluation and fertilizer recommendationsfor crops

Farm Records and Scouting

Helps to evaluate economic risk from pest infestations and disease and Integrated pest management

Service Records

Help to know how the farmers are managing their farm in comparison to other farmers.

Time Clock

Help manage operational and managerial challenges, monitor and keep a check on employees

GPS Field Mapping

Helpful for farm planning, yield mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, crop scouting

Planning Modules

Help farmers keep to the strict timeframes prevalent in the industry, while also preserving safety.

Work Order

Help improve work efficiency by allowing managers to assess and adjust needs in real time.

Equipment Maintenance

Critical to ensure uptime and keeping up with agriculture demand and check lifespan

Our Focus


Improving Efficiency of Environment-friendly Farm Operations

Food Safety

Ensuring Residue-free Produce through Good Agricultural Practices


Enabling Consumers to Trace the Produce Back to its Origin

Climate Resilience

Making Farms Less Vulnerable to Unpredictable Weather Conditions

Benefits of FarmerERP

Automate field operations
and production

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We Care About Our Agriculture Growth

FARMERERP provides precision agriculture farming processes which helps farmers to improve their productivity and profitability by data driven Analytics.

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