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Intelligent and Next-Generation Farm Management Platform

Technology and new digital tools are helping farmers use more precise amounts of water, fertilizers and keep a better control of their operations.

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Traceability – One Step Forward to Food Reachability

Farm management software that works the way you do, track records , helps business farmers with data analytics

An easy-to-use farm management software designed to help farmers, co-operatives and union in making precise agronomic decisions based on real-time field insights and simplifying farm administration.


Crop Insights

Provide farmers with real-time insights into crop health, risk and climate conditions, enabling data-driven decisions.


Track harvest plans and actual harvesting by farm, crop and field in real time. Secure a continuous supply and minimize gaps in produce delivery.

Supply Chain Tracking

Analyze your supply chain climate footprint, land and water use, impact on environment and supplier livelihoods. Meet your sustainability goals.

Financial Management

Provide farmers with real-time insights to plan the crops harvesting and allocate the timely budget for the crop management

Planning and Scheduling

Plan periodically and hep in assessment of post production process exports and helps in agricultural input management

Easy Interface Portal

Clean portal for all users, super admin and admin where navigation to all items is super easy and helps you track each data element functions

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