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Data Driven Decision Making

Turn your daily farm records into detailed reports like crop production,  and expense analysis, tracking, and auditing helping you make better decisions.

Super Admin

Manage the access and level of responsibility of all users on all portals in the network


Manages the Farmers, Cooperatives, Manage Inventory, Approve Farmers Track the data


Manages the Sales, Expenses, Schedules, Tasks, Fields, Legal Entities, Fuel

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Future Ready Digital Platform for Farm, Farmers and Agribusiness

FarmerERP digital agriculture products offer a 360-degree overview of farm business processes from season planning, field operations management, resource and finance management to agronomic decision-making based on real-time insights from fields.

Additional Features

Powerful Dashboard

Easy to navigate, create and manage content, add functionality easily, quickly access your site’s content and other areas of software

Data Mapping

By mapping geographic and geologic features of farmland farmers can work together to create more effective and efficient techniques.

Multilingual Support

Our Software target a global audience through multilingual support that helps the users to understand the basics of the software product

OTP Secured Method

Highly Secured Platform supported by OTP and 2FA. it’s no longer enough to rely on complex passwords to keep intruders at bay.

Schedule Management

Planning and Implementation go hand in hand. Our Software gives you clear insights that helps to assess the future goals in management

Training and Assessment Results

Our Software helps with creating plans periodic assessment for farmers, workers and helps them understand the semantics of farm management

Super Admin Portal

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Manage Unions
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Manage Independent Farmers
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Farm Management Software that enable farmers, agronomists and contractors to work together!